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2022 T20 Blast Kits Ranking

Hello, blog posts, my old friend... I've come to talk with you again.

You get the idea. It's been a while. Hello again, one and all, and welcome to the first Long Story Sport post in almost four months. It's been a far from ideal scenario in my mind, but - and I'll say this with as much modesty as I can muster - there's been a fair few things competing for my attention lately. Various bits of university work, various bits of real-world work, and a laptop emergency have all unfortunately had to push any new posts down the list of priorities.

But... here we are again! The time has been found, and I wanted to return to an old favourite to mark the (hopefully regular) return of Long Story Sport. Last year, I wrote a post where I ranked all 18 of the T20 Blast kits, and yes, I loved it. In honour of that, it gives me great pleasure to say... the rankings are back!

Starting at 18, let's get cracking with this year's offerings. Seeing as this is the second edition of the rankings, I've also included each side's movement up or down from their position last year...

18) Sussex Sharks (⬇️ 2️)

Oh, Sussex. It would have been difficult to come up with an even more garish effort than the triangle-dominated strip of yesteryear, but the Sharks have somehow managed it. This keeps the multi-blue colour scheme which I already wasn't a massive fan of, and has taken it even further into anarchy. Arty? Paint splashes? Not so much Damien Hirst, more "the absolute worst".

17) Surrey (⬇️ 10)

This truly is a fall from grace for the Brown Caps. Their effort last year, in conjunction with Adidas, was smart and clean, so it's disappointing to see them go for a strange, messy pattern this time around. The Kia and Adidas logos are still in white, when I'd prefer to see it them in black, too, but it really is that strange pattern which drags this one right down.

16) Lancashire Lightning (⬇️ 6)

Right, first things first - I can see where Lancashire are going with this (or at least, I hope I can). I assume that angled diamond bit in the bottom half is designed to strike up lightning bolt connotations. But as a whole, there's just a bit too much going on. The colours don't match up in my view, and that wavy checked pattern is not nice. A shirt shouldn't resemble an optical illusion.

15) Durham (⬇️ 12️)

Talking of too much going on, here's Durham demonstrating how you can have too much of a good thing. I liked the slight claw-marks pattern on last year's shirt, but they've taken it too far here. Not content with covering the bottom half, the pattern, which is so messy it's hard to tell what it's actually meant to be, also covers the trim. It's a pity, because I quite like the shade of yellow.

14) Somerset (⬆️ 1)

It's a very similar effort to last year's from Somerset, which means it's a very similar position for them. I'm still not at all convinced by the luminous lines, which give it quite an irregular feel, but one thing that certainly does work in my eyes are the colours. The pink-purple and black mesh together very well, so if they make the detailing clearer, this one flies up the rankings.

13) Essex Eagles (⬆️ 1)

Somerset might have made only minor alterations, but that's still more than Essex, who haven't changed at all. That's a good thing, don't get me wrong - it would definitely make posts like this less fun, but I'm supportive of the idea of clubs not changing every year. On this shirt itself, it's okay on the whole, but it's still those mixed-up red/blue sleeves that I just can't get on board with.

12) Birmingham Bears (⬇️ 3)

This one went down exceptionally well when it was released, but I'm more mixed. I don't hate it, but I don't love it either. It's a bit messy, but not ridiculously so, and it does tie in with the Bears branding. The colours work quite well together, although I'd tidy up some of the more wayward lines. All that said, though, on the whole, I don't mind this.

11) Kent Spitfires (⬆️ 7)

Now, this is a massive improvement from the county that I ranked as last year's worst. Castore have done a good job on the England shirts this year, and this one is not bad either. I'm slightly unsure if I like the shade of red, but that joining pattern with the blue is good. Whether they retain their crown or not, the defending champions will at least look smarter on the field this year.

10) Middlesex (⬆️ 1)

The tried-and-tested Middlesex pink continues. I remain a firm admirer, and I'm particularly glad to see that it's a clean front, with no patterns like the odd fuzzy one they had last season. That said, though, I'm neither here nor there with regards to the sleeve stripes, which are somewhat all over the place. Still, this one is firmly in the realms of 'good effort'.

9) Yorkshire Vikings (⬆️ 9)

Another big improvement from the Vikings, who have come up with a sleek design in partnership with Kukri. In being smart and tidy, it's everything last season's effort wasn't. The lines aren't perfect, being a bit angled, and there's rather a lot of them, but I've got scant criticism for this nice design. Really, I'm just delighted I can legitimately put it above Lancashire after last year!

8) Gloucestershire (⬆️ 5)

Fair play, Gloucestershire. This is proper evidence that you can go slightly crazy and it can still work. There's an actual lion and medieval knight on this one, so I couldn't not put it in the top 10! Those black splotches are a shame, and they bring it down a bit, but the yellow is good and it comes off quite well on the whole. A fine effort.

7) Derbyshire Falcons (⬆️ 5)

Here's even more evidence that you can pull off putting a mad concept front and centre, with Derbyshire's take on what looks like a sort of robotic-type falcon in the middle of their shirt. It's a bit wild to be at the very summit of these rankings, but doing it in blue means it both matches the shirt as a whole and still gives off that futuristic-type feel. Kudos for pushing the boat out.

6) Glamorgan (⬇️ 5)

It would have been very tough to match last season's kit, which was something special indeed and ranked as my number one. However, they're not at all far off with this. The detailing was a dragon last time out, and Glamorgan have continued to show Welsh pride by going for a daffodil this year. I wouldn't mind zooming out of said daffodil to make it clearer, but this is overall a strong effort.

5) Worcestershire Rapids (⬆️ 1)

After Essex, Worcestershire are the second county not to change their kit for this season, and I remain a big fan of this design. Black is a nice choice, but the thick blue down the middle breaks it up just enough. Not sure about the sponsor logos on the collar, but that's nit-picking, and, just as I did last year, I'll use the words sharp and sleek.

4) Leicestershire Foxes (⬇️ 2)

This pattern may not quite be on the same level as the one Leicestershire had on their shirt last season, but I still like it. It's just understated enough that the shirt stays clean, and the shades of green are uniform, which I'm also a fan of. The red trim on the sleeves is a nice touch, although I wouldn't have minded it going all the way around each sleeve. Still, though, an extremely strong effort.

3) Northamptonshire Steelbacks (⬆️ 1)

The third and final side not to change, and the Steelbacks made absolutely the right call, because this is comfortably a top-tier kit, in my book. Those thick stripes at the bottom are a dream, and they pair off excellently with the rest of it, meaning this works so well all together. A touch of white to go with the badge might have helped, but other than that, there is zero wrong with this.

2) Notts Outlaws (⬆️ 3)

Two words - 'vertical pinstripes' (no, not 'vested interests'. Don't know what gave you that idea). This is a fantastic effort from the Outlaws, who have taken a really good shirt from last year and made it even better with the addition of a bit of detailing I'm very fond of. The gold is a really good shade, which continues to go well with the green, and everything works in this kit.

1) Hampshire Hawks (⬆️ 7)

Masterful. This is a brilliantly smart, clean design from Hampshire, and it works excellently. The dark blue trim is perfect, and pairs off really well with the Hawks motif - which is another element I'm a fan of - and even the sponsor slots neatly into place. Sometimes, it's the simple designs which turn out to be the best, and by going back to basics, Hampshire have nailed it here.

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